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Happy Island surrounded BARRIERA

In 1980, Christo and Jeanne Claude conceived Surrounded Islands, Biscayne Bay, Greater Miami, Florida. They thought to surround 11 of the artificial islands surrounding Greater Miami with polypropylene fabric pink,a symbol of the American frivolity.

The islands that are developing in urban industrial areas of the Turin area, are plunged in the sea of diversity: cultural, religious and geographical.

Tide as  positive energy transmitted by the sea, has invaded the courtyard of the Old Pharmaceutical Factory, Via Crescentino, 25.

To build this sea were  1080 garbage bags (600 sqm). One of the characteristics of the Barriera di Milano District in Turin is in fact the garbage. The envelopes are blue as these are normally thrown out at the end of the day, but we never associate with them the idea of the

sea, distracted by the ugliness and smells around us. In the same way, so that sometimes we are distracted by the outside appearance of things and people without being able to focus on their intrinsic value. I have later discovered that the many islands that crowded

Greater Miami were used to deposit waste,  I found this coincidence odd.


1080 plastic garbage bags, 2009

This work collects my thoughts after moving to Torino in 2006  

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